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Introducing an innovative approach to spinal decompression and fusion.

The DTRAX® platform includes innovative instruments and implants used in spine surgery. The current product line is designed primarily to achieve fusion of the cervical spine.

DTRAX Spinal System

DTRAX Spinal System is a set of single-use disposable instruments designed for use with a range of spinal implants. The system enables access to the spine through posterior surgical incisions, and preparation of the bony elements and joints. Spinal fusion with DTRAX Spinal System does not require removal of bone, soft tissue, or stabilizing ligaments.

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DTRAX Cervical Cage

The DTRAX Cervical Cage is used to treat cervical radiculopathy caused by degenerative disc disease by indirectly decompressing and fusing the diseased spinal joint.

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The DTRAX Graft is a structural allograft implanted in the facet joint to support posterior fusion. When implanted, DTRAX Graft provides an indirect decompression of the nerve roots by distracting the facets and opening the neuroforamen.

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DTRAX Bone Screw

The DTRAX Bone Screws are indicated for use in bone reconstruction, osteotomy, arthrodesis, joint fusion, fracture repair, and fracture fixation appropriate for the size of the device. Screws are intended for single use only and are implanted using DTRAX Spinal System.

DTRAX Bone Screw may be used as supplemental fixation along with DTRAX Cervical Cage for joint fusion.

* Not Available in the USA **Formerly marketed as "DTRAX Facet System"

DTRAX Expandable Cage System

DTRAX Expandable Cage System is a sterile, single-use kit containing all the tools and implants that are needed to perform a single level surgery. The system includes a proprietary, expandable, titanium implant that is used to provide indirect decompression and fusion of cervical facets. Formerly marketed as "DTRAX Facet System"

Clinical Paper

Learn about the DTRAX clinical study and supporting information.

Clinical Data

Patient Information

DTRAX technology offers a less disruptive alternative for patients suffering from cervical radiculopathy.

  • Benefits of Fusion using DTRAX Technology

    Unlike more disruptive anterior surgical approaches, DTRAX technology enables an innovative posterior approach (from the patient’s back) that typically requires two small incisions at the base of the patient's neck.

  • Benefits of Fusion using DTRAX Technology

    • Rapid improvement in symptoms.
    • No bone or disc is removed.
    • Leaves future surgical options open.
    • Reduced risk of swallowing and speaking problems common in other types of neck surgery.
    • Less disruptive than most cervical procedures.
  • Am I a Candidate?

    Patients who suffer from neck and/or arm pain due to degenerative disc disease may be treatable with spinal stabilization using DTRAX technology. Proper diagnosis of cervical radiculopathy followed by at least six weeks of conservative care is recommended before considering any surgery.

    Cervical radiculopathy is characterized by:

    • Increasing weakness and/or loss of strength in the arms and hands.
    • Severe pain that does not respond to medical management.
  • A Closer Look at DTRAX

    With the DTRAX technology, first your surgeon relieves pressure on your spinal nerves by distracting (opening) the joints so the nerves are no longer irritated. Then two implants and graft material are inserted to enable healing of these joints.

    Alternative Surgical Options
    Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion (ACDF) - One of the most common surgeries used to treat cervical radiculopathy, ACDF removes tissue from the body and involves bone grafting and plates through the front of the neck.

    Open Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion - The posterior approach to the cervical spine requires dissection of muscle and tissue off the spine, plus insertion of plates and screws. These surgeries typically are very painful and the injured muscles.

    Artificial Disc Replacement - Indicated for a small set of patients with early onset disc degeneration.

  • Is the Procedure Effective?

    Clinical trials studying posterior spinal fusion with DTRAX technology demonstrate that the procedure is effective at relieving neck and arm pain associated with cervical radiculopathy.1

    • 90% of patients experienced significant improvement in pain relief.
    • 80% of patients experienced improvement in quality of life.

    1. Percutaneous posterior cervical fusion with the DTRAX Facet System for single-level radiculopathy: results in 60 patients. Bruce M. McCormack, Jose Manuel F. Ignacio, Rafael C. Bundoc, Sigurd H. Berven, Mario R. Ver, and Edward F. Eyster. 10.3171/2012/12.SPINE12477.

  • What Should I Expect?

    Spinal fusion with DTRAX is typically performed by a specially trained surgeon and usually takes about one hour. Published clinical data demonstrates that most patients experience rapid and lasting improvement in symptoms.

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